Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund - Bedfordshire Dog Photographer

Q: What’s cuter than a dachshund puppy?

A: ….TWO dachshund puppies!

Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund - Bedfordshire Dog Photographer-2

Zoe and Zasha


Today I had the pleasure of photographing two minute little dachshund puppies – Zoe and Zasha – along with their proud mummy, Ginny.

The puppies are only 7 and a half weeks old, and weigh just a very tiny two and a half pounds!

When these pups are fully grown they will still only expect to weigh around 11 pounds.  Despite their small size, dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and rabbits, and in Germany their country of origin they are still used to track game.

Our session today was kept very short – firstly because puppies have a short attention span – and secondly because Ginny truly loves her babies and we didn’t want her to worry about anything I was doing.  She stayed with us at all times to make sure her precious parcels would come to no harm!  Obviously puppies of this age have no idea what a sit or stay is!…so its just a case of watching them play and interact with each other. For the sitting shots, the girls obligingly sat together while I encouraged them to look at the camera with various noises to get their attention


Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund - Bedfordshire Dog Photographer-3

Proud Mum Ginny keeping an eye on Zoe and Zasha

Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund - Bedfordshire Dog Photographer-4



Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund - Bedfordshire Dog Photographer-5


This shot was taken when the two girls were worn out from all that playing and decided to take a bit of a breather….aren’t they so cute?

Zoe and Zasha aren’t ready to leave their Mum yet, but when they are they will be going to pet homes, where they will no doubt be spoilt to within an inch of their life!


If you are considering owning a dachshund – please always buy from a reputable breeder.  The following links might be useful for more information:


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