Crufts 2020

So this week I had a day off photographing dogs “professionally”, and enjoyed a full day at Crufts… actually need to allow at least two days to see half of it!!

I left my “big camera” at home as I needed the space in my bag to carry all the treats and toys home that I bought for Bobby and Sammy! – but here are some pictures to give you an idea of the show if you’ve never seen it before.  Below: Harrier Hounds – have you ever seen one before? (I hadn’t!)

Crufts 2020 - dog show - Katrina Wilson Dog PhotographyMy first port of call was the main arena where I was able to sit and watch some amazing agility – it was definitely the highlight of my day. Crufts 2020 - Agility Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

What makes Crufts so special?

For me, Crufts is all about the dogs…the show dogs, the agility dogs, the rescue dogs, the working dogs – its a celebration of everything that’s good about dogs. (Below: “Princess Lily the Pug)

Crufts 2020 - Lily the Pug - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

Crufts is organised by The Kennel Club and held at the NEC in Birmingham every March.  It’s a huge event spanning 5 Halls, 20,000 competing dogs and over 550 trade stands….be prepared to walk LOTS! (below: I could relate to how this dog felt by 4pm!)

Crufts 2020 - laid back dog - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

Crufts is designed to promote healthy dog breeding, and “Discover Dogs” is your chance to meet the breeders and discuss whether a particular dog breed would be suitable for you and your family’s lifestyle.

It’s a great chance to see some of the more unusual breeds of dog we don’t see every day – like this lovely Turkish Kangal (which was about twice the size of me!):

Crufts 2020 - Turkish Kangal Dog - Katrina Wilson Dog PhotographyCrufts gives you the chance to see the good work that so many dogs do both for individuals, and for services such as the Police.

I loved watching the chilled out dogs involved in the Bark and Read project being read to by animated children:

Medical Detection Dogs are amazing dogs that are trained to detect the odour of human disease:

Crufts 2020 - Medical Detection Dogs - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

Did you know that there is a Pet Blood Bank similar to the one available for humans?  Click the link to find out more if you think your dog could be a suitable donor and help save another pet’s life (unfortunately my two aren’t suitable).

Crufts 2020 - Pet Blood Bank - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

Pets as Therapy and Therapy Dogs Nationwide are brilliant charities where volunteers visit schools, residential homes, hospices etc with their well-trained dogs (and help improves lives of those who are unable to have their own dog for whatever reason)

Crufts 2020 - Pets as Therapy - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

Any breed or non-pedigree dog can be a therapy dog.

Crufts 2020 - pets as therapy - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography-2Size is unimportant too – its all about the training and temperament!

I used to do this with my previous Border Collie, Tuppence – until she was about 14.  Sadly, Bobby and Sammy still aren’t calm enough (or perhaps need more training!)

If you need help with training, there are lots of chances to speak to all sorts of dog trainers and behaviourists at Crufts.  There are hundreds of books on the subject…and a ton of training treats, toys and props!

Crufts 2020 - dog training - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

In the many show rings, the top show dogs throughout the world are competing against each other.  This is the show they all aspire to compete at!

Below: a Field Spaniel in the Gundog ring

Below: Lots of the dogs enjoy the pre show groom!

Over in the Discover Dogs section, I met this lovely pair of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs:

This young Bull Terrier pup:

Crufts 2020 - Bull Terrier - Katrina Wilson Dog Photographyand this adorable little Eurasier puppy:

Crufts 2020 - Spitz puppy - Katrina Wilson Dog Photography

and if you can stand just one more cute fluffy puppy, check out this duo:Crufts 2020 - Cute Husky Puppy - Katrina Wilson Dog PhotographyI hope you have enjoyed seeing some of what I experienced at Crufts – please feel free to share if you think it would be interesting to other dog lovers.

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