Pepe “The Spanish Mutthound” shares his Bedfordshire home with two German Shepherds, and I have been honoured to have photographed all three of them in varied settings over the last few years.   However this photo session was devoted entirely to Pepe, and after hearing his story, I felt he definitely deserved his moment in the spotlight…

Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-1
Pepe’s owner Wendy told me how he had originally been abandoned in fields near her home when she lived in Madrid some years ago.  Her two older German Shepherds had sniffed him out, after finding him hiding behind an old wooden pallet – but sadly he initially ran away.

It would be at least another two months before Pepe would be brave enough to follow Wendy home.  Who knows what his living conditions were like during that time…

When Wendy did finally get him home, he had a feather in one ear and a stick in the other, he was covered in ticks and had old fractures in his elbow and shoulder which have caused him to suffer with arthritis.  Pepe had to go to the vet every day for a week, where he had to be sedated to have his ears treated – not surprisingly he still screams if the vet goes near them.

Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-2

Pepe is thought to be around 10 or 11 years old now, and loves his home comforts such as the sofa and never-ending cuddles.  He is a very sweet-natured dog, and incredibly trusting considering the horrible start to his life.

He is currently a semi finalist in the upcoming Scruffts Competition (To find the Nation’s favourite Crossbreed) which is being held at Eukanuba Discover Dogs, ExCel, London in October 2017 – I’m sure you will all agree that with his handsome whiskers and sad start in life, Pepe would be a very deserving winner. Lets all keep fingers and paws crossed!

Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-1