Katrina Wilson Dog Photographer Bedfordshire - Pickle the Lurcher
Pickle recently won Best in Show at the annual Accolade Hounds Dog Show in Stoke Bruerne  – and what a deserved winner!

When I met (Mr) Pickle for his photo experience at Irchester Country Park, I was instantly struck by his friendly and confident nature.

Having photographed many sighthounds, I find they are often very devoted to their owners (as Pickle is) but not particularly interested in strangers.  However, Pickle on meeting me for the first time was happy to be stroked, and wasn’t at all bothered by my intimidating lens….and clearly was a complete natural looking down the lens and striking a pose!

Katrina Wilson Dog Photographer Bedfordshire - Pickle the Lurcher-3

I love this “happy” pose (above) where Pickle just gently lifted his front paw while holding a perfect stand and stay for his human!

Katrina Wilson Dog Photographer Bedfordshire - Pickle the Lurcher-4

Pickle is DEVOTED to his owner – and vice versa, and when you hear his back story, you’ll totally understand why….

“Pickle came into our lives almost 4 years ago, after being found tied to a tree on an old travellers camp.  He was very underweight and was rescued by Accolade Hounds who believed that he was around 2 years old at that time.  He is covered in old scars but he is such a caring, happy lurcher and loves to give people love and attention.

My partner had his DNA checked as a gift, and this confirmed that he is a Saluki X Greyhound.  I am not sure who rescued who, as I’m a great believer in things happening for a reason.  Pickle still has separation anxiety which results in him singing the song of his people (AKA …howling!).  Other than that he is the perfect dog.”

For me, this picture (above) perfectly captures the trust between Pickle and his owner, and the unbreakable bond they have.

I was so excited to deliver the prints from our session to Pickle and his owner.   A tear was shed, although Pickle didn’t feel the need to move away from his comfy sofa …until of course I showed him the special fishy treats (Courtesy of Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery) that I’d brought along especially for him!

Pickle Katrina Wilson Dog Photographer Bedfordshire

Pickle now spends most of his days residing on a luxurious sofa, and works as a therapy dog (when he feels like it)……it’s a hard life being a rescue hound!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing photos of Pickle and hearing his story – please feel free to comment or share

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