Kindly written by Lesley Best, Dogzaloud, K9 Behavioural Centre in Bedfordshire

how to teach your dog to sit-1

Whether you’ve got a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, getting your dog to sit on command is important, as it gives you a level of control.  For example, a dog that sits at the kerb waiting to cross the road, is much safer than a dog that’s jumping around on the end of its lead.

To get your pooch to sit:

1. Introduce Treats

  • Treat your fur baby to some high value treats, such as hot dog sausage, chicken or cheese. Shop bought treats tend not to be enough of an incentive in the early stages!
  • The size of the treats should be no bigger than the size of your little fingernail

how to teach your dog to sit-3

2. Technique

  • In as least distracting an environment as possible (perhaps your kitchen when the kids are at school and it’s just you and your dog), show your dog that you’ve got something yummy in your hand!
  • Start with the treat a couple of millimetres above the dog’s nose, and then very slowly lift it up about 5cm and angle back towards the dogs bottom
  • As the dog looks up at the treat, they cannot help but put their bottom on the ground. At this point, reward the dog with verbal praise and the treat
  • Repeat a few times and then relax
  • Have a cuppa and a cuddle with your dog

 how to teach your dog to sit-3-6

3. Practice!

  • Repeat for short bursts when you have time.
  • Never over train as your dog will get bored
  • Finish on a successful repetition, don’t keep going till your dog fails!
  • Once they’re consistently following the food and sitting for you, then add the verbal cue ‘sit’
  • Eventually you can start to phase out the food…..which we can come to on another day!