Do you know who is training your dog?

I am not a dog trainer, but I have done lots of studying on Canine Body Language, and recognise an unhappy, stressed or anxious dog when I see one.

Since the pandemic in 2020, there has been a huge rise in the number of dog owners, and indeed to correspond with this, dog trainers.

This can only be a good thing right?

In theory yes, but do you know who you are trusting with your treasured family member?

Myself and many of my fellow dog-loving friends, have sadly seen an increase in aversive training methods being used by a small number of dog trainers in Bedfordshire, and no doubt in other counties throughout the UK too.

Sadly it would seem that not everyone is aware that these outdated methods are still being used in 2023.

This week I have witnessed some very sad videos on social media, of dogs being “trained” within a Bootcamp environment.

For just £40 the Company claim they can fix all sorts of problems for you.

I found it shocking that people were falling over themselves to hand over their precious pets to strangers, lured with the promise of a reformed dog!

I dared to comment on a video where the dog was clearly showing signs of anxiety, head bowed, tail between its legs, (the total opposite of the happy pup above) – I was BLOCKED from the page!

It would appear that not all dog trainers are open about the methods they use to train dogs.

We all want our dogs not to pull on the lead, but do you want to achieve this through fear?

There ARE ways of teaching your dog this, in a way that is not going to damage your relationship with them.

Training is a chance for YOU to bond with your dog

Training should be a positive experience, fun for BOTH of you

Your dog will be happier to work for a reward rather than offer a behaviour out of fear

Happy Dogs-7

Dogs trained using positive reinforcement are happy dogs

Happy Dogs-10

They are more likely to interact appropriately with other dogs.

Happy Dogs-4

All the dogs featured here have been trained using positive reinforcement – and it shows!

They are relaxed in their manner, confident, outgoing and best of all HAPPY!

If you are looking for a dog trainer in Bedfordshire, please take a look at some of the following trainers who all use positive reinforcement methods, and come highly recommended.

They will be happy to discuss with you any training issues you may have:

The Canine Hub


 Val’s K9 Training

Ask your dog owning friends for recommendations, but mainly ask lots of questions yourself.

Any decent dog trainer will totally appreciate this and be happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Finally, enjoy the time you have with your dog, their time with us is short.  Remember your dog may just be a part of your world, but to your dog you ARE their world!

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