Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-5
I recently met Arlo, a stunningly handsome Japanese Akita, along with his little sister Bella, a petite little Pomeranian X Husky.

They are an incredibly photogenic pair, and we chose Chicksands woods in Bedfordshire as the backdrop for our woodland photo session.

Although our session took place in Winter, there was still an amazing range of rich colours about – the landscape was a beautiful palette of yellow, gold, red and green

The masses of fern had changed from the rich green of Summer into a deep golden red, and complimented both dogs perfectly.

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-1

Arlo was a star model. He is very well trained by his owner, and is a regular attendee at the ProHound Dog Training Club in Bedfordshire – and it shows.

He was happy to sit and stay while I posed him amongst the fern, and he practically smiled into the camera!

Little Bella isn’t even a year old yet, and although she is super sweet, she hasn’t done quite as much training as her big brother.  I’m never phased by dogs or puppies that don’t have a huge amount of obedience.  Its always useful to know these things in advance, but there is always a workaround, whether it’s having them on-lead and editing it out later, or just taking some random action shots – my favourite, as I love capturing dogs’ expressions when they are at their most natural

We decided with Bella, that we would burn off some of her energy by capturing some action shots which shows how light on her feet this little “Pomsky” is…

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-4

Look at that seriously cute face!

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-8

Bella was in her element running amongst the leaves and being rewarded with treats every time she recalled perfectly to her Mum.

Arlo was happy to join in the fun and games too, and I couldn’t resist this candid shot of him giving his little sister a playful bite on the bum..!

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-6

After capturing our fill of action shots, we moved further into the woods for some more “moodier” posed shots …once again Arlo was all too happy to oblige with an adorable head tilt and a cute little smile

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-2

By now Bella was starting to pay a lot more attention to her Mum, and we tried to see if she could manage a brief sit stay.

I saw some beautiful red shrubbery which I chose as my backdrop, and Bella kept her side of the bargain and managed a perfect little pose…

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-7

I loved ALL the photos from this session as we were spoilt with such a lovely variety of colours and backdrops

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-3

Some of the final prints that Arlo and Bella’s Mum and Dad chose from their session..

Akita Autumn Photo Session - Dog Photographer Bedfordshire-1-2

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